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We present a wide range of Ford Tractor Parts, which is manufactured with a backing of technical expertise and a rich experience in this industry. We are a leading Ford Tractor Parts Manufacturer and Exporter from India, delivering high standards of quality in Tractor Parts. Our Ford Farm Tractor Parts and Ford Tractor Spares are available at competitive prices with quality that matches with O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Our Ford Tractor Parts are genuine parts that are highly appreciated for their quality by international clients.

Salient Features
  • Tough structure
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Resistant to rust
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Protective finishing


Brand Name Pentech
Place Of Origin Rajkot  
Features Tough structure,Resistant to wear and tear,Resistant to rust,Protective finishing etc.
Condition New, Good
Type Tractor Parts

Additional Information

Payment Terms T/T
Delivery Time Immediately


S. No Name of Components Reference Number Suitable
1001 Rocker Shaft O/M. C5NE--6563--AA Ford
1001-A Rocker Shaft N/M. E7NN-6563-AA Ford
1002 Push Guide (Valve Tappet) C7NN-6500-B Ford
1003 Rail Trans Gear Shift (High & Low) C5NN-7240-AD Ford
1004 Rail Trans Gear Shift (7 & 3 - 5 & 1) C5NN-7240-A Ford
1005 Rail Trans Gear Shift (2 & 6 Reverse) C5NN-7240-B Ford
1006 Rail Trans Gear Shift (4 & 8) C5NN-7240-L Ford
1007 Crank Shaft Spacer O/M. 72NH-6B306-A Ford
1008 Crank Shaft Spacer N/M. 91NH-6B-306-AA Ford
1009 Hyd. Lift Stand Pipe C7NN-B853-D Ford
1010 Hyd. Lift Seat Inlet Valve Set C5NN-855-A Ford
1012 Draft Control Plunger C5NN-541-A Ford
1013 Oil Pump Intermediate Shaft C7NN-6A-605-A Ford
1014 Cam Shaft Adopter C5NE-6A-255-A Ford
1015 Steering Cone 8N-33581 Ford
1016 Hyd. Lift Plunger Yoke O/M. C5NN-546-C Ford
1017 Hyd. Lift Plunger Yoke N/M. 92NH-546-AA Ford
1018 Rocker Lever Screw B6-A-6549-C Ford
1019 Hyd. Lift Pump Plate (IMP Pump) CONN-852-A Ford
1020 Oil Pump Drive Shaft FORD - 3610
1021 Oil Pump Drive Shaft with Gear D3NN-6A-820-E FORD - 3610
1022 Oil Pump Rotor Shaft DINN-6609-A Ford
1023 Oil Pump Assly. DINN-6600-D Ford
1027 Control Valve with Sleeve Assly. EONN-488EA FORD 3610
1028 Control Valve with Sleeve Assly. D3NN-488 FORD 3600
1029 Unload Valve with Sleeve Assly. EONN-925 FORD 3610
1030 Unload Valve with Sleeve Assly. D3NN-925 FORD 3600
1031 Flow Control Valve with Sleeve Assly. EONN-F928 FORD 3610
1032 Safety Valve Ford 957E-984-B Ford
1034 Oil Pump Rotor & Shaft Assly. DINN-6608-D Ford
1039 Flow Control Valve with Sleeve Assly. D3NN-F928-A FORD 3600
1040 Hyd. Lift Rocker O/M C7NN-535-C Ford
1041 Hyd. Lift Rocker N/M DONN-535-AA Ford
1042 Hyd. Lift Pump Drive Idler Gear Shaft D4NN-872A Ford
1043 Draft Control Plunger with Yoke O/M Ford
1044 Draft Control Plunger with Yoke N/M Ford
1045 Cam Shaft Thrust Plate C5NE-6269A Ford
1047 Hyd. Lift Ram Cylinder only. D3NN-478F FORD 3610
1048 Hyd. Lift Ram Cylinder with Piston Assly. D3NN-477E FORD 3610
1046 Control Valve with Sleeve Assly. C7NN-488 FORD 3000
1061 Hyd. Lift Arm Shaft Bush Big 80NH-531B-A FORD
1062 Hyd. Lift Arm Shaft Bush Small 80NH/531A-A FORD
1064 Reverse Idler Shaft C5NN-7140B FORD
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