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We have achieved a place of prominence as an Exporter and Manufacturer of Mahindra Tractor Parts. A wide range of Mahindra Tractor Parts is offered by us, which consists of Tractor Parts like Steering Sector Bearing, Top Shaft Bush, Gear Shifter Lever, Hyd. Lift Non Return Valve Ball Rider and many more. Mahindra Tractor parts and Mahindra Tractor Spares are made available at affordable prices and delivered within the desired time frame by us. All the parts manufactured at Technique Auto Industries, are at par with O.E.M. Quality.

Special Attributes
  • Precision engineered
  • Protective coating
  • Resistant to tarnishing
  • Excellent strength
  • Offering low friction


Brand Name Pentech
Place Of Origin Rajkot  
Features Protective coating,Resistant to tarnishing,Excellent strength,Offering low friction
Range Steering Sector Bearing, Top Shaft Bush, Gear Shifter Lever etc.
Type Tractor Parts

Additional Information

Payment Terms T/T
Delivery Time Immediately


Sr. No. Name of Components Reference Number Suitable
3025 Clutch Release Plate B-275 [Hard & Grind] 1099761R1 INTER
3026 Clutch Release Plate DI [Hard & Grind] 1099457R1 INTER
3028 Gear Shifter Fork [2nd & 3rd Speed] Induction Hard 751104R93 INTER
3029 Gear Shifter Fork [4th Speed] Induction Hard 751100R13 INTER
3030 Gear Shifter fork [1st & Reverse Speed] Induction Hard 751101R23 INTER
3031 Spool Lowering Assly. 3049142R95 INTER
3032 Spool & Sleeve Assly. 3049088R9 INTER
3033 Spool & Sleeve Plunger Only STD. N.P.N. INTER
3035 Hyd. Lift Non Return Valve Seat 751559R2 INTER
3037 Gear Shifter Fork High Speed [Induction Hard] 751094R41 INTER
3038 Hyd. Lift Relief Valve seat 751554R1 INTER
3039 Steering sector Bearing (Peg Ball Type) Dynamitic Model N.P.N. INTER
3046 Spool & Sleeve Assly. New Type INTER
3047 Gear Shifter Lever B-275 704041R92 INTER
3048 Hyd. Lift Regulator Valve Assly. L/M INTER
3049 Hyd. Lift Non Return Valve Ball Rider 3063495R1 INTER
3050 Hyd. Lift Flow Control Valve Ball Rider 350084R2 INTER
3051 Compensator Spool & Sleeve 585 DI L/M 000050875D01 INTER
3053 Steering Main Nut Assly. [ZF Model] INTER
3054 Steering Peg Ball N/M. INTER
3055 Hyd. Lift Repair Minor kit INTER
3056 Hyd. Lift Speed Control Piston Plug With Pin L/M. N.P.N.
3057 Hyd. Lift Plate Bolt 706027R1 INTER
3058 Hyd. Lift Spacer 3045109R2 INTER
3063 Gear Shifter Lever Pin Kit INTER
3064 Hyd. Lift Non Return Valve Seat N/M. Short INTER
3065 Hyd. Lift Non Return Valve Seat N/M. Long INTER
3066 Hyd. Lift Ram Cylinder Piston [1 groove] STD. 3044276R92 INTER
3067 Hyd. Lift Ram Cylinder Piston [3 Groove] STD. 3044376R93 INTER
3068 Hyd. Lift Ram Cylinder Piston DI L/M. 005554406R1 INTER-585
3001 Oil Pressure Relief Valve 1121039R1 INTER
3002 Hyd. Lift Speed Control Piston STD. 3045105R1 INTER
3004 Differential Shaft STD. 704707R2 INTER
3007 Rocker Shaft [Without Nitriding] 265DI/275DI
3008 Hyd. Lift Top Link Shaft [Without Hard Crom] 751509R3 INTER
3009 Hyd. Lift Isolator Valve Assly. 3045102R21 INTER
3010 Hyd. Lift Speed Control Valve Assly. 3045103R11 INTER
3012 Steering Main Nut Assly. �XLO� Model N.P.N. INTER
3014 Control Valve Head Plate With Speed Control Piston Assly. 3069235R91 INTER
3015 Gear Shifter Lever L/M 5550815R93 INTER
3016 Hyd. Lift Non Relief Valve Ball Rider 3108946R1 INTER
3017 Hyd. Lift Regulator Valve Assly. 751563R91 INTER
3019 Hyd. Lift Flow Control Valve Seat 751562R1 INTER
3020 Hyd. Lift Non Return Valve Sleeve 751555R2 INTER
3023 Hyd. Lift Relief Valve Spring Housing 3108947R2 INTER
3024 Steering Peg Ball L/M 1231108R1 INTER

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