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Leveraging on high-end technology to give high quality, we manufacture Swaraj Tractor Parts that are admired by clients across the globe. A wide range is provided by us, consisting of Push Guide [Valve Tappet], Hyd. Pump Minor Kit, Clutch Release Plate, Hyd. Pump Cam Shaft, Safety Valve, Oil Pump Assly. and so on. Our products are cost-effective solutions that last for a longer time, thereby, minimizing the need for frequent replacements to a large extent. We always remain focused on quality while manufacturing the Swaraj Tractor Parts that are exported to global clients.

  • Sturdy construction
  • High strength
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Smooth finishing
  • Tarnish resistant


Sr. No. Name of Components O.E. Part Number
5001 Push Guide [ Valve Tappet ] 210604 Swaraj
5002 Hyd. Lift Control Valve Assly. N. P. N Swaraj
5002-A Hyd. Lift Control Valve Assly. Swaraj O/s.
[010, 020, 030]
5003 Hyd. Lift Unload Valve Assly. N. P. N Swaraj
5003-A Hyd. Lift Unload Valve Assly. Swaraj O/s.
[010, 020, 030]
-- Swaraj
5004 Hyd. Lift Ramcylinder Safety Valve 724/735 289600A Swaraj
5005 Hyd. Lift Response Valve Seat 780305AN
5006 Hyd. Pump Valve Chamber Body 281401/281407 Swaraj
5007 Hyd. Lift Safety Valve N/m. 855. --
5008 Oil Pump Assly. [ Swaraj -735 ] 210970 Swaraj-735
5009 Hyd. Pump Cam Shaft Swaraj P-281001 Swaraj
5010 Hyd. Lift Ram Cylinder [ 2 Holes ] 0280002E Swaraj
5011 Hyd. Lift Ram Cylinder [ 1 Hole ] 282002
5012 Hyd. Lift Cam Block Bush Set Brass 281025 Swaraj
5013 Hyd. Cam Bush Big [brass] P281026
5013-A Hyd. Cam Bush Small [brass] P281025
5013-B Oil Pump Assly. 855 210970
5014 Hyd. Pump Minor Kit N. P. N Swaraj
5015 Valve Chamber Full Kit Swaraj Std -- Swaraj
5016 Hyd. Pump Square Piston Swaraj Std 281027 Swaraj
5017 Hyd. Pump Square Piston Swaraj O/s
[010, 020, 030, 040]
5019 Rocker Padaster 210207 Swaraj
5020 Clutch Release Plate P321111 Swaraj
5021 Safety Valve Modified Swaraj --
5022 Square Piston Ring [set of 4 Piece] 281028 Swaraj
5023 Hyd. Pump Plate Bush Brass P-281102 Swaraj
5024 Steering Main Nut Assly. [zf Type] -- Swaraj
5025 Hyd. Lift Distributor Assly. [N/M. 1 Pin] P782000A Swaraj
5026 Hyd. Pump Plate Small with Bush P-281101 Swaraj
5027 Hyd. Pump Plate Big with Bush P-281200 Swaraj
5028 Hyd. Pump Assly. P-281 700 Swaraj
5029 Hyd. Lift Ram Cylinder Piston [three Groove] Std P-780570A Swaraj
5030 Hyd. Lift Ram Cylinder Piston [three Groove] O/s. P-780570A
5031 Hyd. Lift Filter [strainer] [tafe Type] P-781100 Swaraj
5032 Hyd. Lift Arm Shaft Bush Big [sintered] P-280025B Swaraj
5033 Hyd. Lift Arm Shaf T Bush Small [sintered] P-280045B
5034 Steering Peg Ball [rane Type] P-738006 Swaraj
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